WEIZMANN LTD a flagship company of the Group was initially engaged in Textile Processing and Exports, A to Z of Non Banking Finance Activities and in early 1990’s commenced Money Changing Business as FFMC registered with RBI and later extended the activities as representative of Western Union Money Transfer. The company promoted Housing Finance Company and ventured into Renewable Energy sector by Developing Wind Farm and also undertaking manufacture of Wind Electric Generators through Joint Venture Collaboration.

Currently the company is concentrating on its core business of Textile Processing and Exports predominantly to African countries. The processing unit of the company is situated at Naroda, Ahmedabad.

The company in 2008 invested in 55% equity in a Textile Processing Unit viz. Knitwear Industries Limited, Malawi so as to be closer to the African market for its textile business.


BSE CODE                 –     523011

CMP                            –     Rs.57.05

52 WEEK HIGH      –     Rs.82.60

52 WEEK LOW      –     Rs.31.00

F/V                             –     Rs.10




% JUN 18 MARCH 18 DEC 18
Promoter 69.01 69.01 69.01
Public 30.99 30.99 30.99
Others 0 0 0
Total 100.00 100.00 100.00




(Rs.cr) Jun-18 Mar-18 FY17-18
Revenue 32.10 26.81 86.86
Net Profit 2.70 0.19 3.01
EPS 1.56 0.11 1.74
Cash EPS 1.76 0.32 2.53
OPM % 12.80 3.11 7.05
NPM % 8.40 0.69 3.47


वर्तमान  भाव में अल्पावधि /12 माह या लम्बी अवधी के लिए पोर्टफोलियो में शामिल किया जा सकता है |*


*( हमारा उद्देश्य सिर्फ आपकी जानकारी में लाना है | कृपया निवेश पूर्व स्वयं अध्ययन करे अथवा किसी वित्तीय निवेश सलाहकार से सलाह लेवे )


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